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Bitcoiner Consulting
Ensuring you don't miss the financial revolution

About Bitcoiner Consulting

Whether you’re already very familiar with Bitcoin or just starting to investigate, Bitcoiner Consulting has services tailored for your needs.

Offering a range of services covering general education; tailored personal and business consulting for individuals, groups, and enterprises of all sizes; and advisory activities for Bitcoin focused businesses, Bitcoiner Consulting can assist you in any stage of your journey in to the financial revolution that is Bitcoin.

Bitcoiner Consulting is the trading name of Benjamin de Waal, an independent Business Consultant based in Moritzburg, Germany.



Benjamin de Waal

Benjamin de Waal has been involved in the Bitcoin space for most of its existence.  He first mined Bitcoin in the year 2010 and started to get more deeply involved with the technology and economic theory in 2013.  In 2018, he decided to leave his position as Technology Development Manager at the global imaging company Konica Minolta and take on a senior role at a Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer.

Benjamin's background is in software and product development, as a developer, a systems architect, a technology generalist, and as a senior manager.

In mid-2020, he decided to start Bitcoiner Consulting, both to gain more independence as well as to further spread his knowledge outside of simply one company at a time.

As a polymath with a breadth of experience and a passion for elegant and simple systems, Benjamin is the perfect resource for you to step with surety in to the exciting world of Bitcoin.

Ben de Waal
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