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  • Prices on this site are all quoted in 'sats'; is that Bitcoin? Can I pay with Euro, Dollars or other currency instead?"
    Yes, 'sats' are the base unit of Bitcoin. If you are used to seeing Bitcoin values quoted in BTC, you can divide the values by 100 million (e.g. 6000000 sats = 0.06 BTC). All services can be paid for using fiat currencies such as Euro or Dollars via transfer to an EU bank account or using PayPal; however a 15% surcharge will be added for currency conversion and processing costs. The exchange rate used will be that at the time of bill generation and may therefore differ from the exchange rate at the time of booking the services.
  • Do you offer trading and market advice?
    No. Bitcoiner Consulting is focused on Bitcoin as a technology and financial tool, not as a speculative asset.
  • Do you tailor your services to individual customer and business requirements?
    Yes, all services are fully tailored to customer requirements. Educational services are based on templates covering the topics that are to be addressed but then tailored according to your individual requirements. Consulting and advisory services always start with a discovery phase in which your requirements are fully analysed and then consist of an open dialogue in order to ensure you're getting what you need instead of only what is already laid out on a pre-written script.
  • Do you offer advice on implementing other cryptocurrencies or non-currency blockchain services?
    Yes: the advice is to simply avoid having anything to do with these. There is no reasonable argument that can be made for these kinds of things that doesn't involve one or more misunderstandings of the technologies and what they are able to offer. We will gladly sit down with you and explain in greater detail why this is the case as well as examine any business cases you may have had for them and consider how these may implemented in another more practical way.
  • Where can I learn more about Bitcoin other than hiring you?
    Rather than produce yet another list of Bitcoin resources, I'd rather simply point you at what I consider the best and most comprehensive. This list is maintained by Jameson Lopp, a well known figure in the Bitcoin world for many many years and someone that I trust to provide good information. That said, Bitcoiner Consulting takes no responsibility for content hosted outside of the Bitcoiner Consulting domain and is not affiliated with Jameson Lopp or any of his ventures in any way.
  • Where can I find testimonials from past clients?
    As a general rule, we respect our clients' desire for privacy and do not publish testimonials or other information about our clients. We usually help our clients set up a secure Bitcoin self-custody instead of using a third party. This provides the ability to ensure that no one - no matter how powerful and aggressive - can access their money without the requisite private keys, safeguarding it against attacks on the middleman by criminal or state actors. However it also means that if the client is known to be holding potentially large amounts of Bitcoin, they themselves become a target for criminal activity. With prudent security measures around the protection of multiple keys in a multi-signature arrangement, it is extremely difficult for even an internal attacker to gain unauthorised access to a company's self-custodied Bitcoin but it's even less likely if it's not widely publicised that the company is a possible target.

Still have questions? Reach out we will get back to you ASAP.

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